Amelia & Alexis

Daughter Sessions

Sister blisters at Oreti beach

These two lil sister blisters were like cupcakes - the sweetest little girls both so sweet and adorable!!!!!! My camera kinda ate them up lol Amelia and Alexis both picked their dresses from my new doll cake collection. I love white on children and well the baby pinks and blues all-ways go with my sunset magic making. As per usual we rocked this session at Oreti beach in Southland, Invercargill. Its my favorite place to go create my art. I love the wide open space and UN-predictable nature of our weather. That means every-time I go out to play the results are all-ways different. The beach looks different every-time I go there nature continuously re-paints its self. Part of why I love being outside! I think the funniest part of their session was when Jazz went to change their dresses - the girls ended up in each other dresses - a happy mis-hap or sorts lol it worked. This series was huge and I've tried to cull it down for this blog but found that really hard.  Enjoy!!!!! I love all the little moments - quirky expressions - facials - mannerisms -their joy and love for each other. xxxxx Awhina Russell Fine Art Photographer

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