February the 4th 2020
Invercargill,Oreti beach Southland.



Welcome to my blog if your new to my fine art portraits let me tell you a little more about myself and my work.

I have been creating since I was a kid.


This is something my Mum encouraged and nurtured in myself and my brother and sisters as well all grew up.


I come from a small town with a big heart. BLUFF.


Alot of how and why I create how I do stems from this. I grew up with the Ocean and the bush at my toes I take a huge amount of personal solace in being in Nature.


It brings me so much calm and clarity.


Something I am missing deeply at the moment with this Covid-lockdown.


The Ocean and the Bush are my air - I've had moments like most of you have where I've felt like my oxygen has been cut-off.

That is kinda of how I came up with the name for this series, ''Baby has the blues'' we created this series two months ago now.


Its crazy here in little NZ you think things like this won't happen to us. I saw this Covid-20 affecting the rest of the world but never dreamed it would affect our bubble.


I guess that was kind of ignorant.

Everything has a silver-lining though. This time has give me so much space to think about a multiple things not just my business - life in general.


I think we all come out of this being so much more grateful and thankful for the experiences we create and share with those we love.


How much would some of us love to go and visit our family's now and can't?


Gives you new appreciation for those family photos hey. Life is made of so many precious moments. Everything happens for a reason I'd like to think.


Every experience is an opportunity to learn. I'm definitely trying to make the most of this time.

I feel like I am truly finding myself as an artist again I've gone back to my roots with my self-portraits something I used to do so often and had just stopped.


NOTHING will stop me doing what I LOVE. Being CREATIVE is on my SOUL its my ESSENCE its a large part  of who I am and how I define myself.


Make your art. Let it give your purpose. Let it soothe you. Let it keep you alive.


P.S while we were creating this series there was heaps of laughter me and Madi all-ways have a rip-roaring time so while the photos some of them might feel heavy they weren't.


I hope your enjoyed this blog post xxx Awhina.

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