Rachel ohh where do I start.......


We have spent alot of time together now and we have talked ALOT about all kinds of things..

I have learn't alot about Rachel.......


Rachel you are Women with a Beautiful Spirit and a Gentle humble nature.


You have a big heart and your love for your family and  your close friends shows in the way you talk about them...


Your mannerisms and your smile!


I think we share alot of the same values about life.


We talked about alot off stuff that doesn't  need to be shared here.


She knows and I know what this experience meant for her.


Thank-you Rachel for letting me get close to you and for showing me who you really are and then letting me capture all your magic on camera.


Good luck with your audition I know your going to nail it.

Your newest biggest fan.

Can't wait to see you on stage!

To perform and dance is to truly be you.

It was so beautiful to watch XO


Women. We are all amazing. And that's worth celebrating.


Thank-you with Love Awhina.

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