This is my friend Kayla she is a photographer too (https://www.facebook.com/photography.kaylabrady)


We first met and connected through my very first creative fine art portrait workshop that I held at the start of the year in February.


We kinda liked each other and hit it off and we are now friends - yay!!!!


Sharing your passion with anyone else who LOVES what you LOVE is a real kicker.


The more we hung out and the more we talked the more F BOMBS we dropped.


We found out that we both got married on the same day February the 18th 2017.


I also found out that Kayla had tried to book my best-friend Rose Wilks as her Wedding photographer but of course she was with me :)

We also both got our dream gowns from Brides by Donna Rae......

Girls got good taste!!!

Now to get more serious.


Think about all the stress and deliberation you went through to find that one magical perfect wedding dress...

This one dress that MEANS SO MUCH to you.

I personally feel like my journey with my Wedding dress isn't over.

I don't understand these Women that sell their wedding dress.

My Wedding dress is the one dress that I am most emotionally connected to.

Its the only dress I have not let anyone else wear.

I have since worn it again during 50k winds at Fort-rose and I love the photos so much...

I got to enjoy my dress on a different level....

and in a different way than I did during my Wedding!

Why wear your Wedding dress only once....

It has so much more life to give to you.

We shot this series during a 15 minutes of hail and rain we both got destroyed.

It made us feel alive, sand washes out.......

I will never forget this day.

I'm sure Kayla won't either.

Sometimes its not even about the photos.

Its about the experience and what she was feeling at the time.

We are WOMEN.

Awhina x

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