(Mother and Daughter Magic)

These photos were captured and created on the 1st January 2020

(todays date 25th April 202)

Guest blog by Mrs Nicki Brookland

So....when the first born (affectionately known as Tricey) comes to me and says “Hey Awhina wants to do a Mother & Daughter session, whatcha reckon”? I was like “Okaaayyy”. Then before I knew it we were booked in to do a photo shoot within the next few days.


Then the little doubts starting creeping in. Shite I haven’t been to the hairdressers recently or for my waxing come to think of it. I also haven’t quite finished that fitness program I’m working on at home. OMG what about those bags of chips I’ve been consuming these past couple of weeks.... with a cheeky wine.... Then there’s the “Once you hit a certain age, hot flushes, curves, wrinkles etc. that you never had before” come into play. And I may be biased here, but my daughters are STUNNING. OMG how am I going to look posing beside them!!!


So, cue Tricey, who once I allayed my fears to, in her 90-year-old wisdom (she is such an old soul) says” Ah mum, you know Awhina, she will make you look good. She never takes bad photos, plus she can always airbrush”. Ahhhh those magic words AIRBRUSH. And you know what....Tricey is dead right. What the hell was I worried about. Those wrinkles, the extra curves, the grey hairs, they are part of who I am today plus they are part of my girl’s. They are there because of them. We have been on so many journeys together and this Mother & Daughter photo-shoot is just what we need.


If you know Awhina, you will know she is one crazy chick! But she is also one of the most down to earth, real people who has this amazing talent to make you feel good and natural when you are with her. Awhina is truly talented in the craft of capturing and bringing out your best and raw emotions. Because she is also crazy, she does the most hilarious things while out on a shoot that you can’t help but laugh and feel at ease. This in its self is an escapade you want to embark on. Believe me, it will leave your soul feeling very contented.


This series of photos captures to me the beauty of my girls.... our kinship. The laughs we had, as let's face it, we are all dicks and love to act the goat. I love how Awhina captures the awkwardness of my second born (affectionately called Aims) who was a bit meh about giving me a kiss, but then looks stunning and relaxed in the trio pics. Tricey who too looks stunning and proud to be part of our wee tight knit group. I ‘ll also let you into a wee secret. I was actually fighting away tears when doing this photoshoot as it was very special having my 2 beautiful daughters snuggling, laughing and wanting to be there with me. They looked so beautiful, relaxed and happy, even though we were freezing and fighting back long grass and not to mention the wind playing havoc with our hair...


It was magic....


And now with Tricey away at uni, the Covid-19 restrictions where we can’t just pop up to Dunners to give her a hug....


I have these photos. Especially the one that captures us all laughing likes dicks, in a frame in our hallway, so I can remember and smile....


Thank you Awhina with all my heart... you are very special xx

© 2020 Awhina Russell Fine Art Photographer Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand. / 0279206482