Some people are Beautiful not just in their looks but in there entire way of being Caitlin is one of those people.

There are lots of things I love about Caitlin I love her EPIC fashion sense.

I LOVE how she isn't afraid to try things.

I LOVE that she had the balls to travel overseas by herself.

I LOVE her worth ethic a young person that knows and appreciates that you have to put in the hard yards to get where you want to be and isn't afraid to do it.

I LOVE that she turned up to this photo-shoot hung-over as hell.

But she still turned up.

I LOVE that shes owns who she is.

I am great-ful to Caitlin for working with me on so many of my creative fine art projects this year.

Thank-you for sharing my passion with me and for helping me to grow as an artist.

I can't wait to work you again because we all-ways go next level.....

If your an artist that is lacking insp - go out create and play.

Just go shoot purely for fun for no other reason.......


This here was part of my collaboration with We the Collective


(Mr Cam is the man if you need a cinematic videographer)

The video he designed - created and captured for me is on my home page :)

Caitlin........ and her dress!!!!!!!


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