Cassie (Wild Beauty - Forrest Sessions)

23rd March 2020


Crazy times at the moment with NZ reaching level 3 and level 4 in 48hrs with the Corona Virus....

I've made a mental list of all the stuff I'm going to tackle.... editing/book work/cleaning/re-organizing my wardrobe...

The silver lining among-st this pandemic! I'm going to utilize all this extra time!!!


I'm definitely taking advantage of having time to blog a few months back load of my favorite fine art portrait sessions.

This WILD BEAUTY series starring one of my fave models Cassie (is one of my fave sessions to date) in my creative career

of photography - why you might ask?


So with all the time I've had to think over the last few days I've been considering why I take photos the way I do. 


I photograph and capture Women the way I would want to be seen. 

I love working one on one with all my models and clients...

I love making them feel beautiful (when they feel really beautiful) so many barriers are dropped

and that's when the true magic happens - when you feel comfortable to be yourself - the true you

comes out - the you that not everyone gets to see.

Us Women have many facets to us I love when you gift me with being able to capture that...

I know I have done my job well when I can get your smiling and laughing and when you start

moving more freely with out my posing guidance.

As a fine art photographer (in that moment) when I get you to that stage I am truly

overwhelming happy about my job and for you!!!

Such intimate moments are truly treasures and such a personal thing to share thus

why my creative process is so personal - its all helps to get you to that point.

I love working with WOMEN!!!!

I might have to try create some new self portraits over the next few weeks so I can keep making my art...

Cassie I am truly lucky to have you as model (I'm so grateful to ALL of my regular models) yous are


 more than just models to me (some like little sisters and my close friends) yous know who you are xx

Yous give me the most wonderful gift full creative freedom and often they add to my energy and vibe...

I constantly run new ideas past my models and look forward to collaborating with them in creating a new vision

much like this series here - we definitely worked together!

This series Cassie just makes me swoon...


I love how captivating this series is the eyes pull you in first.


I love that direct gaze full of so much soul!!!


This series embodies for me the things I love about

femininity, soft and pretty dreamy light, lots of bokeh, beautiful vintage clothing, nature, wide space and fresh air.

I love her delicate movements and curves and her ballet ways....

Thanks Cassie for being an amazing model as all-ways!!!

We created this series off the beaten track near Daffodil bay in Otatara (Invercargill,Southland, NZ)


I love these spaces for creating my art in, secluded, private and such a wonderful calm environment with only


the music of the birds and the wind whistling through the trees.......

Thanks to everyone for reading, looking and sharing.

Hopefully this is all blows over soon and we can continue with all my post-poned Wild beauty sessions!!

Take care during these difficult times Ill be continuing to post alot more regularly now

over the the next few weeks.

xx Awhina

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