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Your session fee

Once you have paid your session fee we will organize and confirm dates for the following appointments below. Your private consult, your photo-shoot, wardrobe and styling, and your grande reveal and ordering session.


Your consult

I like to meet with all of my clients privately in-person at least 1 week before their photo-shoot this is one of the most important parts of my creative process.


I like to address all those niggly doubts and fears and  those what ifs they’re normal feelings and all Woman have them.

I can reassure you about them and address them in a really positive way.


If your not local and are traveling to Invercargill we can try cover most of your consult by phone or video chat and do the rest on the same day. But the earlier we can do it the better the more time we'll have to get your prepped and ready for your session.

Your consult really gives me an opportunity to really hear you and listen to you and find out how I can create the best experience for you possible.

​​The photo-shoot

Relax I will guide you through the whole photo-shoot on how to pose where to look and what do do, you will feel like a model for the day.


Every session is custom designed to best suit your needs and wants. Photo shoots are 90 minutes to 2hrs. You can choose a studio sitting or and outdoor sitting.  With a studio shoot we can usually do about x3 outfits changes and different backdrops. 


Outdoors sessions are designed around the golden hour my favorite locations are the Forrest or the Beach.  

We can talk about what will best suit your needs and where you will be the most comfortable.



I will go over details on what you will need to bring for your photos-hoot. Styling is one of my super powers so don’t freak if you have nothing to wear or don’t know what will best flatter your figure. I have a gorgeous collections of dresses and robes that cater to all sizes and ages.


We will talk about how you want to be styled - what parts you love the most about yourself and those that your not so confident about. Every Woman has different comfort levels, you may want to be more covered up or less covered up... we'll find something that suits!

High end retouching

Your final images will be retouched to perfection. I will go over the details during your consult and again at your reveal and ordering session. Its the small details that make your photos pop. I still want you to look like you just the best polished version of yourself.


Ordering and Viewing Appointment

You can expect to hear from me with-in 1 week  of your session date – I don’t like making my clients wait to long. I select and edit all the images that I feel show you in your best light  and work my magic on them – they will be presented to you at your private reveal and ordering session.  

You can expect to see anything from 30-60 final images for a studio session and up to 120 images for an outdoors session. Sometimes just in colour or sometimes a mix of black and white. I use my creative discretion as to what will best suit them.

After you’ve watched your slide-show and been dazzled by yourself! Ill help you go through your gallery of photos one at a time and choose your favorites and decide what you would like to order and how you want to present them.



Sessions fees need to be paid straight away to secure your booking.

I don't refund session fees / postponements can be arranged if needed.

I expect my clients to order with-in 2 weeks.

I can take credit card / debit card or online bank deposits.

If you book your session in advance and would like to set up a early payment plan for a collection

that can be organized other wise full payment is expected on the day of ordering.

Depending on what you order most collections are ready with-in 3-4 weeks.


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