Saturday the 30th of November, 2019 (Daffodil bay - Otatara - Invecargill - Southland - NZ.

Emmas Mum gifted her this fine art portrait session with her girls as her birthday present! They traveled over from Stewart Island for the the weekend to come and play with me in my magical Forrest at Daffodil bay. Now Emma brought up a really valid point when we were chit-chatting which I think most you Mums will relate to this and that was that she was allways missing from photos because she is normally the one that captures and documents her babes life's! One of her reasons for wanting this special portrait session of just her and her babes. We took these mid-day as its not all-ways practical keeping young family's awake until golden hour which is super late at the moment 9.30-10-30pm . Forrest sessions are perfect if you have little ones, we can book in a time that suits them and you, they will enjoy exploring this wonderous space, its a really calm and chill environment for me to work my magic in! Loved your girls and their challenging moments lol kids will be kids all part of the beauty of capturing them and you as yous are now. xx Awhina Russell Fine Art Photographer

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