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When is the studio open?

Studio Opening Hours

Monday 8am till late evening

Tuesday 8am-2pm

Wednesday 8-3pm

Thursday 8am till late evening

Friday 8 am till late evening

Saturday by request.

Sunday CLOSED.  

Do I have to share my images?

You only have to share what your comfortable with!
Sometimes my clients are more than open to sharing their images and other times they prefer to keep things private.
The choice is entirely yours I will go over these details with you at your gallery reveal and ordering session.


How far out are you typically booked?

My sessions on average are booked anything from 2 month too 12 months in advance. my busiest two months is all-ways October & November. I'm less available over Winter for outdoor portrait sessions because of other commitments. Booking in advance is a great idea - it means you have something to look forward to and work towards.
Please contact me for booking availability.
How long will I have to wait to see my photos?

In some instances I may be able to do a same day or next gallery reveal from your raw unedited images in light room this is definitely an option for studio sessions if they're booked earlier in the day and not in the evening, if your only after a handful of portaits ordering and making your selection from your raw files can really speed up the process and my turn around. If you don't want too see all the bloops then I'll cull your gallery myself and edit them all to my usual high standards and you can expect to come see a fully edited and curated gallery of all your best images with-in 1-2 weeks.

Do I provide an online gallery to order from?

Nope, sorry I do not, I feel like its a disservice to both you and myself to give you an online gallery. You'll be able to get the best of my expertise and recommendations by ordering in person. I love seeing how you react to your photos for the first time and in-person gallery revel is an experience in itself!

Do I provide hair and make-up for the photo-shoot?

No I don't include hair and makeup as part of my session fee currently but I do have a list of ladies who I highly recommend especially for studio make-up/ I am happy to organise someone to come to the studio to do your make up if you want me to make those arrangements we will need to discuss it when planning your photo-shoot but generally my clients arrive with their hair and makeup all-ready done before their photo-shoot.

Do you offer payment plans?
Sessions fees need to be paid with-in 24 hours to secure your first two appointments with me made up of your in person consult and your photo-shoot.

No I no longer offer lay-by or payment plans - in all honestly too many people haven't followed through with orders - this
has really hurt my business. I'm a small business and need to get paid for my work in full and straight-away.

I recommend looking at my price list before you book and setting yourself a budget if its not something you can afford to do now then save up and book in later on.

I do accept take credit and debit card payments or bank deposits.
I expect my clients to pay for their orders in full with-in 1-3 days of their gallery reveal and ordering session.

What should I wear or bring?

I have a large client photo-wardrobe that is available exclusively to my clients and my clients only - sorry no I don't hire out
my wardrobe to any-one else - its literally just for my clients to add to your experience!

I have a glamorous selection of tulle robes, gowns, vintage treasures, accessories, hats, fabrics for Women that are available in a range of sizes and colours.

If you are happy for me to style you for your photoshoot from my client photo-wardrobe the only thing you normally need to bring yourself is appropriate undergarments - nude or black lingerie or a slip.


How many out-fit changes are there?

For an individual portrait session in the studio you can expect between 3-6 changes.
For a Mum and Daughter Session or Family session - up to 2  outfit changes.
A headshot portrait session over an hours duration up to 3 changes is usually do-able.


What products / prints do you offer?

After your session, we will have a private reveal and ordering session with you and you will choose your favorite images
and what you would like to purchase. Each image will be professionally retouched. I offer collections with prints, framed wall art, albums and digital files. Please see my pricing tab for a full list of my collections and la carte options.

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