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Secure your sitting for just 100.00



 (*Regular studio sitting fee is 699.99)

save 600 when you secure your booking today.

X1 Complimentary 10 by 7'' fine art matted print valued at 450

Immediate payment is required please to secure your booking

no holds on dates.




Whats involved?

Your sitting fee includes your first 3 appointments with me.


#1 Your In-person consultation

#2 Studio photo-shoot 1-2hrs 

#3 Your in-person reveal and ordering session

*It doesn't include hair or makeup / my photo wardrobe is available

to you for no additional cost / digital files are not included / please see my pricing

page for the full costs involved / you can choose what you want to order. Normal booking T&C's will apply.








Kiri Moynihan


''I love working in Aotearoa’s health system, serving our people and making them better again. However, it is a system that is failing and it’s tough. Putting the needs of others first, day in and day out, is very taxing. Don’t get me wrong, I have wonderful support but I am often running on empty.

- I came across the “I am Woman” project on Awhina’s Facebook page and I was in awe. To see all of the gorge, powerful, graceful wāhine, captured by Awhina - I’m thinking “yaaaaasssss Queens, werk!”. *snaps* Women in all forms, different backgrounds, different stories, different looks but all bright, impressive, resilient…

So, I put my hand up for the project. And here is Awhina’s and my slant on being a woman - fierce, strong, driven, but kind and compassionate. Fashionable, cheeky and fun… Kiri.


- Awhina, you are a treasure! You were able to pull out the qualities of a woman that mean so much to me and not only capture it, but make it last. Thank you for strengthening my mauri again. 💗''


Maria Oliphant O'Donnell

''I always wanted to do a studio photo shoot , but it was never the right time!

Then, my agent happened to talk to Awhina, and recommended Awhina's work and projects to me, and it all fell into place from there.

Meeting Awhina was Awesome! I felt relaxed, comfortable and very welcomed from our very first consultation.

It felt like I was catching up with an old treasured friend.

It was a really exciting week , looking through my closets, finding certain looks and putting them together.

The day of my shoot, I felt very relaxed and happy, with Awhina gently guiding me to my first outfit. Awhina’s fabulous and easy going energy was so contagious. With every change of outfit I felt more and more empowered as a 56 year old woman, in this current place and time in my life journey.

I totally embraced everything about myself and who I am, in this current setting that had nothing to do with Figure Bodybuilding, which involved a huge part of my life. I love my “off season” soft look and the way I applied my own make-up. It inspires me. Awhina is so generous with her time. I never felt rushed.

It made my experience in the studio , just WONDERFUL!

The techniques, lighting and guidance Awhina’s so creatively used , resulted in a beautiful Gallery - one that will always be appreciated and treasured by me and my family.

Thank you Awhina for my beautiful gift! A gallery created with timeless photos, that can be treasured by, my family and future generation and myself.

With love, appreciation and gratitude.''

Maria Oliphant-O’Donnell''


Melissa McMkeen


''So thankful for the opportunity to be photographed by Awhina.

I don't like photographs of myself and especially not ones showing my body.

I'm always the one behind the camera so I was incredibly nervous getting this done.

To the point where I wanted to cancel and even felt sick.

I've had self esteem issues as far back as I can remember, I mean as early as 5 years old.

I always see beautiful photos online of small, pretty woman and have always thought that this kind

of experience wouldn't cater for a plus size woman like me.

Well I was wrong.

Awhina made me feel comfortable, welcome, accepted and seen the beauty in me that I can not see myself.

She has this amazing skill of really seeing people.

She could tell I bottle my emotions, find it hard to say no and would do anything for those I love.

She is not just there to take your photo.

She is there to help you discover who you are, feel beautiful and be brave.

I still have a long road to self acceptance but Awhina has pointed me in the right direction.

Funny what something so simple as getting your photos taken by someone can do to boost your confidence.''

Mel xxx''


Megan Munro


''When given the chance to see yourself through someone else’s eyes, take that opportunity as it can enable growth, strength and resilience you never knew you had.

Awhina gave me this, without judgment, with a caring heart and a magic that knew how to bring me strength at a time when I was most vulnerable.

I am someone who was lost, who suffers from deep grief, anxiety and depression, and have come to realize it really is okay to not be okay, you don’t always have to be the strong person others may see you as, it’s okay to be honest and let people in.

Awhina somehow in her magical way captured my story and because of this I will continue this journey with strength and acceptance of who I am. I will forever be grateful to her for capturing something I thought I had lost.

If you have an opportunity to meet Awhina and have her capture your story, grab it.''




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