Kiara and Zoe

November 2018 (Daughter Sessions)

Oreti beach, Southland, Invercargill. New Zealand

Sister blisters, styled and in Dollcake dresses from my collection.

These two sisters were absolutely delightful to capture in my Fine Art Portrait Style.


We got a beautiful over cast evening with a touch of rain at my beloved Oreti beach in Invecargill.


The weather  really suited the colour of the girls dresses and made for some gorgeous fine art portraits.

One of the things I love about creating my art at Oreti beach is you never know what the Weather gods

might throw at you.

No one session is ever the same and neither is the weather!

But its all-ways awesome even in not so nice conditions.

We didn't get a sunset on this evening but the light was so soft and sub-dued from all the cloud.

It was a funny kind of calm - rain drops but no wind.


The girls didn't give a hoot about the rain as you will see in the photos below...

I loved how they went wild in the ocean and frolicked and skipped and jumped about in their Doll-cake


dresses they picked themselves from my magical collection...

Child-hood its such a beautiful time and Im sure yous will agree this goes by to fast...

I know these photos will be treasured for many years to come.

As your daughters grown and change your love for them and these photos will blossom even more.

This is def ones of my favorite daughter sessions!

Thanks Mum and Dad for choosing me to capture this precious time -


yous are truly blessed to have such wonderful daughters.

Love Awhina

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