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Awhina Russell Burke - Photographer and Owner.

Hi my name is Awhina I am a super creative Women, I am an editorial, fashion, glam, boudoir, environmental, professional branding, portrait photographer...


I am also a fashionista, nature lover, a stylist and avid sports lover, running and rowing give me life, a coach, a wife, a bestfriend, the older sister...


I am many things as we all are and honestly I could add more to this list.....


I am a photographer who specializes in connecting personally with Women and creating unique portrait experiences just for Women.

If you need a lil warmth and light I can shine mine on you!


I believe that having your portrait taken can be a truly transformative process and its one of the things I am most passionate about.

I want you to feel, seen, heard and understood.

I want you to feel safe to express yourself freely with out fear or judgement.

I want you to CELEBRATE YOU.

I can't wait to create a unique portrait experience designed just for you!



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