Whats involved and included when you book a fine art portrait session with me.....

When you book a fine art portrait session with me you will pay my creative fee this will secure the following:


My creative fee* includes your 3 in-person appointments that make up my fine art creative process.

1. Your consultation

2. Your fine art portrait sitting

3. Your reveal & ordering session

(my photo-wardrobe is available exclusively to all of my clients)

*doesn't include make-up or hair

1. The Consultation

An in-person meeting to get to know you and design and plan

your fine art portrait experience.

2. Your Sitting

Your fine art portrait session can be 45mins to 3hrs long in

duration at multiple location depending on what you

need and want!


2. Reveal and Ordering Session

You get to view your full gallery of fine art portraits in person and choose

what you would like to order.


This is my favorite part of my creative process.



Showing you YOU in a way you've never seen yourself before.



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