Pinot Noir

15th October 2018

For those that don't know me or a new to my blog. I am obsessed with creating my art besides the ocean or in the ocean. There is something so raw and primitive about being able to hear and feel all the elemental sounds of nature at the beach. The rain kissing your cheek. The ocean crashing at your toes. Grasses rustling. Wind whistling. I really love connecting everyone I photograph to the environment around them. There is an amazing energy to be grasped when the weather is at its most wild. When it is wild and untamed is usually when I create my favorite work. This series here explores alot of things I am passionate about capturing - Women - Sensuality and our Sexuality. Let us not be embarrassed or afraid to embrace all these elements that makes us who are. We are Women and we ebb and flow like the tide continuously evolving and changing but in the most beautiful way. Thank-you to my models ,Helena, Caitlin, Rose, Patrice and Lisa. This was one of the most fun evenings I have had for a while. Oreti beach will forever be one of my most beloved pieces of coastal goodness! I named this series after my favorite Red Wine. xxxxxx Love you girlies thanks for helping me make my art Awhina Russel l Fine Art Photographer.

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