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STUDIO PORTRAIT SESSIONS (starring Anita Aggerholm)

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Last year previous to Christmas I had the pleasure of meeting this fiery and beautifully headstrong Woman. When Anita come to me she was as many Women are full of fears and doubt. In-fact when she first messaged me she suggested she might be to hard to photograph.... that's such a sad way to think.

Hearing that only made me more determined to give her a really beautiful portrait experience, I reassured she would not be and that she was really in the best hands possible.

When I reached out and asked for models for this campaign originally I advertised for Women in their 50 - 70s.

I've since decided that every Women regardless of their age - regardless of their size - DESERVES a fricking amazing portrait experience. This year I want to photograph as many different Woman as I possibly can!

I want every Women to know this experience is possible and available to them.

We all want to be seen heard and valued - Women often tell me they feel invisible.

Let me help you change that!

Anita you are a Women of strong convictions - an awesome Mum - best-friend - a Women in business.

You are SO MANY amazing things I hope these pics will be a reminder of that too you.

It was an honor having your in-front of my camera Anita thank-you for trusting me I know when you said you wouldn't have trusted anyone else to take your portrait that you seriously meant it.

I love that I didn't have to sensor my potty mouth around you either Anita lol we had fun didn't we!

Ill have details on these sessions on my website very soon.

Arohanui XXX Awhina Russell Fine Art Photographer

''I couldn’t imagine me looking any different, plus makeup I cant be-bothered with usually, and showing any other face other than as my children would put it RBF.... Awhina had the confidence she would have no problem making me smile, I just laughed. Day of pictures – Awhina greets me at her door and I say I feel like a fn clown and she says no you look amazing and gorgeous! After the session I come back to see my gallery. Seeing the final pictures, I find it hard to believe I can scrub up ok! But finally, my children get to see their Mum the way they see me and perhaps I get to see that I’m ok hitting 53 looking like this.'' ANITA AGGERHOLM

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