Guest blog by Priscilla Haora

Priscilla's story with her family was captured on February the 8th 2020 one of my fave sessions this year.....

For three years there were many tears, negative test, what’s wrong with me and my body. Having two beautiful step children from my husband we were ready add to our whanau. In the first year I had downloaded the apps to keep track of my cycle. Even when I was a day late a little excitement would kick in but unfortunately another negative test was added to the pile.


In our year two of trying we went up to Dunedin to the fertility clinic. We got all the test done to see if both husband and I were ok and able to produce. Everything came out fine and we were told that if we didn’t get hapu within a year I would have to go back up for a little operation on my tubes. Year three, we working on timing and I worked on my health. I started the keto diet in December 2018 and started getting fit and healthy. Both my husband and I worked hard on cutting back on sugar, being more active and taking elevit and menevit. As the year went on we made some big life changes for ourselves. As the days turned into months it was heartbreaking to add another negative test to our pile.

By year three another hard challenge was explaining to people who asked when I was going to get pregnant or when we were having children was like a stab in the heart but had to pick myself up each time and hold back the tears. To also seeing my friends get pregnant and being so happy for them but then crying at night because I would as why can’t I get pregnant. To the point some of our close friends and family who became pregnant were to scared to share their news with us because they knew we had been trying for so long.


Then 2019 we made some big changes to our life’s. We moved to a new township, our beautiful children were coming to live with us late August and I was starting a new job as well. Within all this change, exciting and challenging time it happened for us, talk about timing! We came back from a weekend away and I was about to make the phone call as it was a year since we went to the fertility clinic to let them know I hadn’t become pregnant. I went to go get some air before I made the call but as I walked out I had found the test I taken before we left, as our mischief husky went exploring in the rubbish. As I was picking it all up I saw the two, very fainted lines we had been waiting for all these years. I sat and froze glaring at the the lines. Thinking to myself is this a joke?? Holy shit am I pregnant??? Crap I drank this weekend. My emotions were just all over the place but thinking is it to good to be true. I walked up to the husband with the test and showed him and he had the same reaction I had. I took another test and sure enough another little line showed up. We sat together laughing, crying and just soaking that up. Once the doctors confirmed our news a big heavy weight lifted off our shoulders. We have shared our story of my pregnancy with all our friends and whanau as it’s been a long time coming.


Being pregnant was a blessing and I loved and accepted everyday of it. From the morning sickness, to the wanting to pee every two seconds, to my beautiful stretch marks. The days where our children had to help me put on my socks, to the husband helping me roll out of bed. The days I was full of energy to the days I had none. I loved every minute of it all because everything I wanted, I worked hard for and I cried for was growing inside me.


The last few weeks of my pregnancy was the hardest with this covid-19 being so scared of having to be alone, not having my family there. But it all worked out. After a long 44 hours, complicated labour (which I still treasure every minute, even if I was in so much pain) . Our little gift of love, our own wee human came to us safely our little blessing arrived at 3:17am on the 21st of April.


These pictures Awhina captured for us means the world to me. I wanted it all captured and what it meant for us. And Awhina did that, I don’t look at her pictures and see a family. I see all the pain, tears and patients. I see the love, joy, excitement. I see my life in one image, I see who we are. I see our story.

Congratulations to your family Priscilla to your husband Gage and to your children Iesha and Jeazayah I beter not leave out Maui or Moana im sure they're excited too..... on the safe arrival of your beautiful baby girl Jenaia thank-you for sending me through these photos.  l love when I get messages like this. I've literally sat her smiling all day while I've been putting together your blog. Thank-you for welcoming me into your life's and choosing me to capture this part of your journey and your story its truly is a honor.  Introducing Jenaia isn't she so so beautiful!!!!

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