Rose and her baby's

(Cruz, Luca and Hazel)

26th February 2020

Daffodil bay (Otatara)

Invercargill, Southland, NZ.

I've been photographing Roses family for what seems like forever but in the best way.


For those that dont know she is my best-friend!

Her family is my family.


I LOVE her boys Luca and Cruz and now her baby girl Hazel (my God-daughter) xxx

Its always a true pleasure being able to able to capture and create these memories with you!


P.S if your looking for a BOSS as Wedding photographer or someone to photograph your Newborn baby Rose is your girl.


Links to her page can be found below:

If your wanting to update your own family photos please get in touch with me

(ill try not to upset your kids to much)

''so there was this big as tree branch or a 'punga' that's what I call them it looked fairly rotton

I told Roses boys if they were good and listened and play the game that they could smash it...

BOYS love smashing stuff.... well I ruined there fun!!! I karate chopped it in

one fierce swooooooop .... the boys were devastated and a bit mad at me!!!!''

BUT I now had the room and space I needed...

But naw honestly family photos with me are super-fun!!!!

I love being able to capture and create all these precious memories with yous!!!

Rose's yellow dress is from my photo-wardrobe I have a HUGE collection that I can

style you from catering to all sizes and ages for girls + women. Sorry I don't have

wardrobe for the boys! I normally style most my sessions so don't stress if your unsure

about what to wear...


That wicked cane chair I fricking LOVE it but it alas it doesn't fit in my little

car  (Roses hubby has a truck so she came and picked it up) currently its in Roses studio

(if you would like a session with it)

your more than welcome to collect it and transport it we can arrange it!

This is just a snippet of her gallery there are HEAPS more!!!!!!!!

But these are def some of my faves!!!!!!

Loves yas Feena.

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