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'So you want to book a session with me!? That is so exciting I am hyped for you all-ready, your probably wondering whats involved and where to start? If your a new client of mine you'll probably have no idea about my creative process and whats involved so please read on and let me tell you a little about what I do and how I do it and if your still not sure or don't understand please also check out my FAQ and ABOUT page or send me a message through the contact chat button or via my contact page and ill be in touch thanks for popping by! Awhina x''

''I am really proud to offer a super personalized experience to all of my clients, in a world where everything is online these days, I am old fashioned in that I still really value meeting and connecting with you in-person first. I don't care what you do for a job, I want to know you personally, know what you love, whats excites you, your goals, your story! We can talk and then we plan your photo-shoot''


My session fee* once paid will secure your photo-shoot consult, your photo-session, and your in-person gallery reveal and ordering session. Its guarantees you'll get the best of me, my energy and my time.


I have a few different options below if what you need isn't there or you need a longer photo shoot let me know we can custom design an option to suit.


Session fees*

(*some of my session fees include my client photo-wardrobe and some don't as not everyone needs it - my session fees doesn't include hair or makeup any digital files print product they can be purchased additionally - my full price list is available on the tab under this page)

699.99* including gst


2hr creative portrait session in studio or outdoors with my client photo-wardrobe

599.99* including gst


1 hr creative portrait session in studio or outdoors with my client photo-wardrobe


399.99* including gst

1hr creative studio or outdoor portrait session at 1 location with your own photo-wardrobe


These session fees are for the work that I am most often booked for if your after a Professional branding session or head-shots. I am happy to give you a quote for a custom session fee and or bundle collection based of the time, energy and efforts required. Please let me know what you need!

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