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''I couldn’t imagine me looking any different, plus makeup I cant bebothered with usually, and showing any other face other than as my children would put it RBF.... Awhina had the confidence she would have no problem making me smile, I just laughed. Day of pictures – Awhina greets me at her door and I say I feel like a fn clown and she says no you look amazing and gorgeous! After the session I come back to see my gallery. Seeing the final pictures, I find it hard to believe I can scrub up ok! But finally, my children get to see their Mum the way they see me and perhaps I get to see that I’m ok hitting 53 looking like this.''


‘’Had it not been for my daughter’s suggestion I would never have put myself forward to have photo’s taken by Awhina as I would never have thought to take some time and do this for myself. After meeting with her to talk through our session I left feeling excited and was looking forward to the photo session but as the day neared, I very nearly cancelled due to nerves and doubts. I am so very glad now that I did follow through as 10 minutes later in the hands of Awhina I felt confident and ready to go, she has a manner about her that makes you feel relaxed and with her 100% focus on the shoot, you soon forget the nerves and apprehension. I would recommend Awhina to any lady wanting an amazing photo to mark a special occasion, a milestone or just because and just because is the best reason for a woman like myself in her fifties, a real confidence booster. The photos came out beautiful, I was so happy with them. Thankyou for the experience.’’



‘’Awhina is amazing!!!!
I am someone who does not like being in the limelight I don't wear lots of makeup and would never get photos of myself.
Awhina made me feel beautiful and made me feel relaxed right from the start.
Anyone who thinks they are not photogenic and needs lots of makeup to get a good photo that is a myth.
Go see Awhina she will make you look and feel like a supermodel.’’




''OMG every woman needs to have this experience to realize we are all beautiful no matter our age or our size. This is not about getting a 'pretty' photo. Awhina has the knack of capturing your personality and your soul. Most of us hate being in front of the camera, we are so critical of ourselves. I was so nervous before the session and for no good reason as once we got started it was so much fun that I forgot I was getting my photo taken.
Being in the business myself of helping people look and feel better about themselves (Transforming You, Colour Style Consultant) I definitely highly recommend this experience. You won't believe how amazing you will feel on your photo reveal. Love yourself enough to treat yourself to this experience.

Who would have believed I could look and feel this good in the year of my 60th birthday!''


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