The Fine Art Portrait Experience


What types of fine art portrait sessions do I offer?
Firstly all of my fine art portrait sessions are custom designed to suit your desires, needs and wants... 
but here are my most popular types of  sessions....
If there is something else you want that you dont see here you only
need to ask and tell me about your vision.



​These sessions are perfect for teenagers and tweens they are designed to celebrate your Daughters Personality and what makes her Unique. They can be an individual portrait session or if you have more than one daughter its can be combined session.

They are great for giving her self-esteem a huge booster plus its just a super special way to say I love you Daughter. Its a gift that will last her a life time. Daughter Sessions are 2-3 hours long and we normally do a combo of Forrest and Beach magic making. When yous come to meet me in person for your Daughters consult I can show her my gorgeous dress collection and she can pick on average 3 dresses that makes her feel like a princess.


An Empower hour is a fine art portrait session that is suited for Women aged 18-70s. An empower hour session is about celebrating a Women's femininity and sexuality which is something we can sometimes loose a hold of as we go through the many

different stages in our life's. Its a session that is designed to help you reconnect to yourself. Its can also be a celebration of

an achievement or a personal milestone or it might just help you move forward or to let go of anything that you need to shed.

An empower hour is a 2-3 hour experience and we normally do a combo of Forrest and Beach magic making. An Empower hour will change how see yourself because you will never have seen yourself in the way that I will photograph you!


A Maternity Session is all about celebrating the journey you are on. Creating life yes we can do that isn't that amazing. Women amaze me and inspire me everyday the strength of our convictions is unreal. Every Women's experience of fertility and conceiving  is different but every story should be captured its such an important part of your life story and your unborn child story too. Your Fine Art Maternity Session can be an individual portrait session or you can bring along any of your loved ones, your partner or husband, your children, your mum or nana even. A Fine art maternity session with me can be 2-3 hours long it maybe you only want your family or partner there for some of it and that's ok too.


A Mother and Daughter Session is a celebration of the relationship the special bond between you and your Daughters. Its a wonderful way to spend time with your girls and to treat everyone to a day of feeling Beautiful and Loved.

A Daughter Session can be 2-3 hours long and is suitable for all ages. If you have Children under 5 I can design you a shorter session. Forrest Sessions are beautiful for anyone with young baby's or toddlers.




I started offering these sessions for all the Mummas that want beautiful photos with there boys that don't have daughters.

All children go through different stages as they grow up but that stage where they still want to snuggle and cuddle that can change...... I usually try to keep these sessions about 45minutes to 1hr in duration at Oreti beach. Sunrise or Sunset but again with everything that I offer they are custom designed to suit what you want and your needs. Feel Beautiful while your Boys shower you with LOVE.





For the Bride who wants to re-wear her Wedding dress or for any Girl or Women that wants to rock her

Ball-gown again. For any Tween - Tween or Women that just wants to dress up and feel beautiful. A Glam the

dress fine art portrait sitting is all about elegance, class and style. It might be you never got to have your Bridal Moment

its an experience that can make you feel just as beautiful as a Bride does on her Wedding day if not more because its all

about you. If you don't have a dress to Glam never fear I have a whole room of pretty's for yous to play in...




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