My Creative Fine Art Process is a reflection of ME.....


Who I am as a person and the things I value.

Its very personalized, a  bit intimate but not in a bay way!


In order to get to know you and to be able to capture you

in such a way......


I need to first be able to make you comfortable..

In order for you to know me a little


and for me to know you.


I have found that best way to do that is in person.

I am not a photographer that will turn up on the day


and meet you on the side of damned road.

That is so impersonal and not my style.

Which is why my 3 Step Creative Fine Art Process really kicks arse.

When you book in with me you will end up

having 3 in-person appointments.

The first one will be your...


In-person consultation


Where we cover everything from...

Your fears - worry's or concerns...

Styling what to wear....

What to bring...


Official stuff like my fine art portrait contract...

A show-case of my all fine art collections so you can think about what you

might want to do with your photos afterwards?

Mainly alot of talking to plan the best experience for you possible!!!

The second is your....


Fine Art Portrait Session

We are good friends by this stage because we rocked your consult ;)


I make the whole experience pretty relaxed and easy as pie!


You will be guided through the whole process I am

an expert on posing so I will tell you how to stand, where to look,

what to do with your hands, your face all of that is my job. Ill look after you.....

Depending on what you need this can be anything from 1-3hrs long.

The third appointment is your...


In-person Reveal & Ordering Session

Yup you get to hang out with me AGAIN (lol)


on average this part takes anything from 1.5hr to 3hrs...

You'll get to see a beautiful slideshow of your final fine art portrait gallery in high res!!!

Again I only do these in-person in order to offer you the best of my expertise and

experience - so no I do not ever offer online gallery's.

You'll find it way easier doing this with me by your side.


Ill be able to guide you through the whole process from

selecting your favorites to ordering your wall art or


digital files or a folio collection!

Your welcome to bring your Mum or Bestfriend with you as well..

The more the merrier!

That is a little about my  3 Step Creative  Process and whats involved....

In-person consultation + Fine art portrait session + Reveal and Ordering Session!

Alot of work, creativity and energy will go into creating the best possible

experience for you or your loved one.

If you wanna TALK more about any of this stuff please give me a call.



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