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My creative process and whats happens at each stage....


Please contact me via the contact form / direct email or by phone call to make your booking. We will be able to have a discussion about what you need and my current availability.  Once we have decided on dates I will send you an invoice to secure your booking - for most of my photo-shoots I charge a session fee - which will secure your first x3 appointments with me up of your consult, your photo-shoot and your gallery reveal.  Sessions fees are due with-in 24 hours to secure my time, talent and availability.  A more specific breakdown of what your session fee includes and secures is listed below. My session fees are non-refundable - rescheduling is an option if something comes ups and you let me know with-in 72hrs. I don't chase up session fee payments - if you don't pay with-in the 24hrs your booking is not guaranteed.


I like to do these in-person where possible, I normally do these from my studio in Invercargill but if your local I'm also happy to meet you at your own home or at cafe or somewhere else where you feel safe and comfortable. Consults can take anything from 50mins - 2hrs depending on how much we need to talk. Anything you share with me is kept fully confidential, I really want to know who you are and what makes you tick and your background story if your comfortable to share it. Getting to know you first and creating a real connection with me will allow to give you the best portrait experience ever. I don't judge and I listen. I want you to feel seen, heard and understood.


Normally I do this as part of your initial consult, if you don't know what to wear or what to bring or what might suit you, goodnews you have your very own STYLIST me. I am great at knowing what colours suit you and what will highlight and show off the best parts of your bod!

You can bring your own clothes to your consult and we can go through them together or if your super clue-less I can come to you and help you go through your wardrobe or I can style you from my client photo-wardrobe I have an amazing collections of gowns, dresses that cater for all sizes and ages - little girls - tweens - teens and Women.


I have my sneaky ways of getting you to relax and loosen up, you don't need to have any experience in-front of the camera, let me guide you through your session. Ill continuously coach you and prompt you with my wonderful ways to have you feeling and looking your best. My studio sessions are generally 2hrs long and usually need the first 30 mins to get you in a good place mentally then the real fun begins! 2hr sounds like a long day but it goes really fast! My outdoor sessions are 1-1.5hrs and are usually planned around the golden hour or the sunset and twilight.


You can expect to see your gallery with-in 1-2 weeks of your photo-session sometimes sooner depending on my workload.


All sessions include a private ordering and viewing session where I present to you your final gallery and incredible images!


Here is where you can choose you fave images and what you want to order.

Please see my pricing tab for a full break down of all my collections and products that I offer. Please look at this before you book.

Full payment for all orders is expected with-in 3 working days of your ordering session. Sorry I do not offer payment plans.


Your final images you choose to order will retouched to perfection I will discuss this with you during your ordering appointment.


All orders are due in full with-in 3 days of your original gallery viewing and ordering session. I don't offer payment plans.

You will be sent an invoice with my bank account details on it - you can pay online or if you wish to pay with a debit or credit card you can use the pay now link attached to your invoice.

I do all my own framing these days, my own print matting, my albums I put together by hand.

Your orders can take anything from 2-4 weeks to put together. I'll let you know when your treasures are ready to pick up!


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